Foreign Feral Dog

Dog came in to the family backyard BBQ.  Jumped around.  My bro and I looked at it.  Laughed.  Watched.  Went through Pops’ garden.  Suddenly banjo chased him (banjo died years ago and is a tiny ass dog compared to this thing).  I yelled “banjo! Back!” He looked back, got back.  I took my normal steady step approach to it.   It watched.  I got within 8 feet or so.  I acted like a dog.  Flee to the next corner.  Suddenly it ran towards someone I thought I knew as my ancestor (instinctively, they are my ancestor, but upon waking up I was confused as to who it may be {Ghede?})


My “ancestor” grab it as it jumped at them, motioned towards the fence, threw it over, then was caught by this feral beast in its teeth by the neck.  Instantly fucking turned into a black hound, so fucking gigantic I thought he was Tug.  They both were landed on the outer side of the fence.  I saw this weird fucking feral foreign fucker fake demon bitch was eying my pup.  My giant six foot pup lol.  He was staring at me with puppy dog eyes.  I knew not to leave the magick circle which I prepared and set forth for this.  This i learned later was most likely a trick.  Either way, if it was, these fucking plebs will learn not to fuck with me.


I saw my pup in a dangerous situation, especially when I called “tug jump! Come tug jump!” And his back legs seemed to buckle.  Then that fucking weird fake dog creature noticed his struggled.  It was injured too, but it saw opportunity to strike.  Predator type shit etc.  I saw it instantly, lost my fucking shit and almost left the circle.  I reach out and yelled at it or growled (whatever you can call that noise lol) and then with my left arm reaching for that piece of shit alien freak fiend fuck, grabbed with all myight the collar of Tug with my right arm, and huffed him in as hard as I could.  That piece of fucking shit evil fake dog saw this too.  This is why I had my left hand prepared.  It tried to scare and press, but it would not advance.  Because it knew I was going to do with my right hand: wrench my puppy back home; and with my left hand: absolutely murder anything that tried to fuck with my puppy or anything that is under my protection.

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