Sports stadium where everyone is asleep in their seats

At a massive sports stadium like a ball park.  I’m up in the nose-bleed sections as they’re called.  I can see everyone is asleep in their seats.  For some reason people’s seats were on an edge with a massive drop that would certainly kill them down below to the next section of the stadium.  I was trying to walk around these people without awaking them as I tried to gather more information as to what the hell is going on.  As I pass by someone, I feel they are waking up, and they do.  Immediately as they wake up and see me and realize where they are, they begin to panic and start falling over the edge that their seats were at.  This person I woke up though desperately tried to turn around while falling and scrape themselves back up by grabbing at me to stop from falling.  I pulled the person up to safety and continued on my way looking for an exit as I was beginning to get tired.

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