I have had quite a few dreams take place on other planets of our galaxy funny enough. First one was mars if I remember right. Everything was a red desert with modernized pyramid houses, the vehicles looked battery powered and there were white and red skinned people living in the homes. I was an officer of mars investigating a murder at some rich guys place. I was wearing a very thin space suit, the person who was killed was a house keeper and was killed by a rebel. Found out the rich guy was some veteran the rebels didn’t like. Next mars dream was of people here going to mars and domes set up with casinos and full blown houses under them. Military was every where as well. Upon sleeping I had a dream in the dream to which took place while the universe was being created by a bunch of golden flame people or rather finished up before all hell broke loose after lucifer opened the gate and horned people came flooding in. I was one of the flame people and escaped to earth with someone else who broke into pieces in the atmosphere due to lack of will while I survived by sacrificing a chunk of my power and down sized to the size of a man. One of the horned people came down but was melting and gave eve a black apple before dying.


Next set of dreams I’ve had took place on venus. First one I lived in a cabin in a forest of tree with weird demon face shaped leaves kind of. The sun looked white and everything was mostly lacking color, the water also had a purple shine. I went in the cabin and there was something about a solar apocalypse on the radio and how venus was gonna burn up due to holes in the atmosphere forming. There was also a painting with a blue native above the stove as well. I went in town in a red pickup truck and saw the whole town was mostly decimated due to people being chaotic and panicking. I found a bunch of people who were friends according to the dream and took them over to my place for a drink, plus to plan where we were gonna run off to survive. Eventually it turned night and color began to show alot more. The sky was holographic looking and trippy, the moon also spiralled in copies that looked like they went forever with a green hue. I then went to my grandparents place to ask if they were gonna hide out with us too. They were dressed like a native sitting outside and told me that they won’t leave and they will go down with their home. She mentioned something about it being bound to happen due to people tampering with the atmosphere and it’s part of an old prophecy. Next dream that took place on venus was very short, same trees and water but the sky was clearer and I was someone else. I was asking if the burning on my face was the stars being angry at us while drunk to a bunch of family, was reminded it was the micro holes in the atmosphere doing that. Skin tone was also a bit different if I remember right, more pinkish I think like humanity had evolved to be resistant to it almost.


Next one took place on saturn or jupiter I think. Was in some pastel colored town, all the buildings lacked features except windows and it was bleak. Like a black mist almost every where. I eventually encountered Castiel the angel in human form and he started guiding me away from a bunch of black suited people that were asian. We eventually got to the top of a building and he jumped across. He remined me I was in a dream and I could do what he just did but he told me too late and I fell and woke up.


If anyone has had dreams with similar places in them let me know.

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